some pretty amazing people lori dorman and co has photographed

We are incredibly blessed by the talent that comes to us to showcase their precious family memories.
We would be honored to work with you & capture your moment in time as well.

Michelle Obama
Brandon and Leah Jenner
Nick Carter and Family - Back Street Boys
Patty Jenkins - Wonderwoman
Adrian Beltre and Family - Rangers
Rob Minkoff and Family - Lion King
Kimora Lee Simons
Adrian Peterson and Family - NFL
Mike Dirnt and Family - GreenDay
Leyla Milani

Matt Groening and Family - Simpsons
Rod Roddenberry and Family - Star Trek
Tyson Chandler and Family - NBA 
Egreis Gjergjani - Fashion Blogger
Vegas Nay- Beauty Fashion Blogger
Ray Toro and Family - My Chemical Romance
Don Felder and Family - Eagles
Jennifer Stano World of Wellness 
Fredo Santana

Dwight Howard and Family - NBA
Rima Fakih-Miss USA
Tamanah Raoshan
Leyla Milanhair
Dominique Penn and Family - LA Rams
Maz Jobrani - Comedian
Brian Quick and Family - LA Rams
John Caparulo - Comedian
Thomas Robinson and Family - Lakers