***Please note our Terms and Policies. This includes information regarding our booking, cancellation and order policies. As well, please note the following:

Additional Photography:
The client understands and agrees that any type of video or photographing, by anyone other than the LDP photography team, during the course of the session is strictly prohibited; via camera, video, cell phone, etc.

Cancellation Policy:
Due to being fully booked a few months in advance, there are no cancellations for work or domestic reasons – you will forfeit your $125 deposit. Arrangements will be made to reschedule your appointment only for stubborn babies who don’t arrive on time or dire illness. If you cancel within 72 hours before your shoot date, you will be charged 20% of the total package of your shoot. Example: 20% of $1595 = $319
This policy excludes going into labor before your shoot.

Lori Dorman Photography reserves the right to cancel outdoor shoots in cases of extreme weather. Southern California summers can reach triple digits and create impossible conditions to achieve the high-quality photography we guarantee. For you and your children’s safety, as well as ours, we will reschedule any shoots where temperatures are expected to reach 95 degrees and above.

Late Policy:
Since we are all natural light shooters, it’s imperative that you arrive at your shoot promptly on time otherwise it will compromise the available light we need to produce our beautiful photographs. Because of this, unfortunately, if you arrive at your shoot more than 30 minutes late, your shoot will be canceled and you will be charged 20% of your session total. We all understand traffic is bad in and around Los Angeles and realize accidents do happen, however, you will need to plan your travel timing accordingly as our start times are firm.

Lost/Stolen Items:
If you leave something behind, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. So please leave with what you bring!

We have very high standards for editing our clients and our editors hand-edit each individual image. Our standard editing practices (at the discretion of our editors with final approval from Lori) include slimming down (total body) and covering up stretch marks, blemishes and scars as well as removing belly lines (linea nigra). Unless you give us a specific request to keep it, we cannot re-edit the belly line after your photos have been completed. Any and all editing requests outside of our standard practices must be requested and communicated via email within a week of your shoot or in person with your photographer on the day of your shoot. Some special editing may be subject to additional charges, for example, the removal of any tattoos is subject to a price quote from an editor.

Complimentary Edits:
Once you receive your photos, you have up to five complimentary retouches. These are meant for minor retouches such as removing flyaway hairs, more slimming, etc. If you want to re-edit any more than those five (individual images), the cost is $10 each. Only Final photos can be selected for complimentary retouches. We are happy to edit Outtake photos for $25 each.

Payment Schedule:
You have been charged a non-refundable deposit ($125) to hold the date of your session. You will be charged a second-payment of $350 one week before your scheduled shoot, and the remaining balance will be charged 3-4 weeks after your shoot once your photos have returned from the editors and are ready for release. No photos will be released until you are paid in full.

Credit Card Authorizations:
You have verbally or electronically communicated your credit card information and authorization via phone, email or online. This credit card will be charged for the session deposit, 2nd payment, and outstanding balance as outlined in the standard payment schedule unless otherwise stated. Invoice(s) and/or receipt(s) will be sent at the time of booking and updated as payments are received. You may change your payment information on file at any time by contacting the Studio Manager. If you are purchasing any products, these items are eligible for sales tax and shipping charges.

Shipping charges and tax are not included on products (books, prints, and announcements). The total cost of shipping the prints and book is $25. The client’s package will be shipped to the address on file, provided by the client in the product Order Form. If the mailing address should change at all, please contact us with a new address so that we may update it. Lori Dorman Photography is not responsible for an incorrect address if the client has not reached out with updated information. Also please note that your items will all be shipped together in one package.

Archiving Photos:
We only archive fully paid shoots online for 1 year after shoot date. If you request for us to retrieve your photos from our external storage after 1 year, there will be a $295 fee for the retrieval.

Social Media:
We do post selected photos on social media and our website. Unless a client requests otherwise, Lori Dorman Photography reserves the right to share your beautiful work.

Please be aware that you are coming to a home studio. Our two cats are generally never seen, but just in case you have allergies, we wanted you to be aware.

All sales are final. There are no refunds.