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Zulema E

Celebrating the arrival of their 2nd little princess, this beautiful family shared their love and happiness “Lori Dorman Style”! Our Deluxe Newborn Sessions include Unlimited looks and poses with family and siblings! Family is everything!

Gabby C

Fierce, Gorgeous, Stunning, a Complete Goddess…THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE!!!!!! This mommy-to-be selected the Wonderful Maternity Session to make sure she got 5 of our many amazing looks!

Mimi Z

This beautiful ballerina was showcased her beautiful elegance accompanied by her husband! She enjoyed every look and made sure to include her traditional clothing from Korea! This is their first time being photographed in the United States!

Holly O

Mothers are definitely angels watching over us! This beautiful mommy-to-be looked completely celestial in all her gorgeous beauty!

Monica H

This beautiful family came to us to capture the joy of their new baby! We love getting grandparents and the entire family involved! Our Deluxe Newborn session gives the most variety for different looks to capture all those precious moments!

Mary D

She is stunning in all her beauty. This elegant mommy-to-be  is enjoying her moment of #GLAM! Celebrating their 2nd pregnancy, this family is super excited!

Sarah N

“And I say to myself…What a wonderful world!” Family is EVERYTHING! We love capturing that genuine connection and love! Our Home Family shoots are EXTRA special because it helps make the little ones feel comfortable in their environment…at home with mom and dad!

Yoko Y

What a special way to celebrate love! This beautiful couple shared their first pregnancy with us! Kisses, smiles, loving gazes, amazing gowns, sweet expressions…our Wonderful Maternity Session has it all!

Claudia G

This amazing couple came to us from Azusa to celebrate their baby boy! We loved working with them on this stunning shoot to create these gorgeous looks! One of our favorite things is capturing all the joys and miracles of motherhood and families!