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Samina C

This handsome little one made our day! He is so cute and so charming, and we can’t get enough of his joyful facial expressions! We had a blast shooting with him! Our Sitter shoots capture the joy and wonder of this special time. They’re only this age once!

Haining R

This adorable little one had such a blast posing in his very own special Easter-themed wonderland! We love his set, he is so sweet and expressive! Our sitter shoots capture the joy of this special time. They’re only this age once!

Dorin N

This little sweetie enjoyed her cake and was all smiles for her smash the cake session! What a precious way to celebrate a one year birthday! We bring our adorable mini bathtub and lots of bubbles to our Home Cake Smash sessions!

Lisa L

We had a ton of fun capturing moments from this delightful party! Lots of giggles, animals, friends, and family made this day truly special!

Vanessa C

Na, na, na, na, Batman! We love the creative themes for Smash the Cake sessions as part of our Family Field Trip sessions! This beautiful family is a repeat client and came to us to capture sweet family moments and a fun Batman themed Cake Smash!

Tiffany L

This handsome toddler celebrated his birthday by incorporating his family: Mom, Dad, Grandma and Aunties! His gorgeous mom was involved in every step of the way, such a mommy’s boy, so adorable! These images are always extra special because it captures such an important milestone! They’re only this age once!