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Erika S

This super fun Cake Smash session was filled with lots of yummy cake, brotherly love, and smiles! Our Cake Smash sessions include siblings and tons of fun!

Jessica O

This adorable Cake Smash session featured tons of flowers and pinks and lots of smiles! We bring our mini bathtub, props, and tons of creativity directly to you for Home sessions!

Crystal M

Yummy cake, lots of pink, and sweet moments filled this Cake Smash and Family session! We had tons of fun celebrating this little cutie’s 1st birthday! Our Family Field Trip includes a Cake Smash session and is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday for little ones!

Diane C

We captured all the sibling love at this Sweet One themed Cake Smash session! This shoot was filled with lots of giggles, sweet treats, and tons of love and flowers! Our Cake Smash sessions are a perfect way to celebrate the milestone of a one year birthday!

Nicole A

This adorable cutie came to us to celebrate his 1st birthday! We loved working with these clients again, and it is always so fun to see how much babies grow from their Newborn sessions! This little guy enjoyed lots of cake and some fun bath time at this Cake Smash session fit for a King!

Dorin N

This little sweetie enjoyed her cake and was all smiles for her smash the cake session! What a precious way to celebrate a one year birthday! We bring our adorable mini bathtub and lots of bubbles to our Home Cake Smash sessions!

Minal P

Tons of flowers, purples, pinks, sweet cake, giggles, and bubbles at this fun Cake Smash! We love these sessions and had a great time with little Prina! She loved her cake and had a blast getting messy and smashing her yummy cake!

Naira M

This adorable little sailor came to us for this super fun Cake Smash session! The last time we saw him was for his gorgeous Newborn session a year ago! We loved working with these clients again to create these darling scenes to capture all these smiles and fun with bubbles, block, and bikes!

Melissa L

These sweet girls were a joy to work with at this Home Cake Smash! Cake Smashes are fun for all ages, and we love including siblings! This session was filled with pink, flower crowns, sparkles, cake, and lots of sisterly love!